This is a blog about working professionals who stutter and people who stutter in and around Houston. This blog will consist of interviews of people who stutter and their journey with stuttering.

Blog entry #1 – 11/2019

Professor Williams

Professor Williams is a person who stutters. She talks about her journey from being a student and becoming a Professor, giving lectures daily and her journey as a stutterer. In this interview, she gives advice to college/graudate students who stutter, to employers who might interview a candidant who stutters, using the SpeechEasy Device to enhance her communication ability and much more. The interview is cut into 6 videos.

From student to a Professor (part 1)
Enhancing communication using the SpeechEasy Device (part 3)
Meeting people who stutter (part 5)
Advice for college/graduate students who stutter (part 2)
Career advice to people who stutter (part 4)
Advice for employers (part 6)

Blog entry #2 – 12/2019

Max (College Student, PWS) & Brooke (Speech Lang. Pathologist Assistant)

This interview was recorded on Nov. 2019. Max and Brooke discuss about stuttering and how it affected their own lives. Kathy Swiney discuses with them about their point-of-view when it comes to stuttering, meeting a person who stutters and gives tips and advice to people who stutter. The interview is cut into 4 videos.

Tips for PWS & NSA Conference (part 1)
Tips for Interviews & the Public (part 2)
Creativity & Encouragement for PWS (part 3)
Accepting Stuttering (part 4)

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