Kathy Henderson Swiney, ASHA Board Certified Stuttering Specialist

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All therapy provided by a Board Certified Stuttering Specialist

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Effective treatment requires specialized skills provided by an experienced clinician.
Of the over 200,000 speech pathologists in the US, Kathy H. Swiney is one of only
160 ASHA Board Certified Stuttering Specialists.

What should I do if I think my young child is stuttering?

  •   Model a slow rate of speech
  •   Build quiet time into your daily routine
  •   Teach family members take turns speaking
  •   If your child still stutters after a few weeks, use the free 15-minute phone consultation to speak with Kathy about your concerns.

How can I help my school-age child?

Therapy is especially critical for school-age speakers.
School-age children benefit from learning practices to:
•    Increase fluency in reading
•    Decrease stuttering in speaking
•    Reduce fear of public speaking
•    Thrive in social interactions

On-line therapy can be provided to accommodate busy students and parents. 
Some high school students may be candidates for the SpeechEasy device.

As an Adult, I need to improve my communication
effectiveness for greater employment opportunities.

Is it to late for therapy?

NO!  It is NOT  too late for therapy!
There are people who stutter and are successful in every walk of life.

Benefits of Treatment in Adulthood:

  • Motivated, mature speakers
  • Change improves employment opportunities
  • Therapy goals support fluency, resilience, and communication effectiveness.

Treatment Goals:

  • Reducing the obvious symptoms of stuttering
  • Modifying tension in the stuttering moment
  • Increasing participation in business networking
  • Breaking the “avoidance cycle”
  • Reducing speaking fears
  • Improving overall communication effectiveness

Treatment for adults can include the use of an
anti-stuttering device for immediate changes.

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